About me

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Her experience as a doula comes from her passion of helping birthing people find their voice and strength - no matter their experience.

​The body, pregnancy and birth are not static. Rather intricate dynamic systems that adapt and change relationally, culturally and experientially. As we learn and experience, we add knowledge and understanding to our values and individual philosophy systems.

​Kili's passion combined with her belief that there is no one way, along with her unique style of nurturing is inclusive and dynamic. Offering evidence based information, physical and emotional support, meeting her clients where ever they are at.

As your Doula or Coach, Kili works beside you, listening and inquiring - helping you define your voice, unique to your personal birth or body philosophy. Realizing your dreams and goals from a place of confidence and strength.

My Story

Kili Marti is a certified doula who thrives on supporting and nurturing women as they make the wonderous transition into motherhood. She earned her doula certification at the Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon and currently works with women during all stages of pregnancy, from pregnancy planning to childbirth and beyond. As a certified life coach and neurolinguistic programming practitioner, Kili understands the art of communication and the types of behavioral patterns that individuals can develop. Her ability to recognize the physical, emotional and mental cues associated with these patterns helps her connect with expectant mothers on a profound level. She is deeply inspired to help her clients define what is best for them throughout the entire pregnancy process.

Kili is a mother of three and a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry who has received worldwide recognition for her mentoring, performance and educational content. She has extensive experience in many forms of movement including dance, yoga, Pilates, strength training, taekwondo and running and incorporates this experience into the services she offers her doula clientele. 

Nurturing - Calming - Respectul of all

My Training
Certified Labor Doula

Birthingway College of Midwifery 

Movement & Exercise Specialist


Stott Pilates/Baptiste Yoga


Prenatal & Birth Massage

Certified Life, Wellness Coach & NLP Practitioner

Life Coach School

“Coaching with Kili provided me with an emotional awakening that permanently altered how I respond to the world around me. It started with my relationship with food, but the tools she has created continue to help me understand all aspects of myself. I learned how to identify my feelings (fat is not a feeling!) and the thoughts that produce those feelings. This awareness helps me in my job, in my marriage and of course, in my relationship with my body." Mckayla G.
“Kili helped me realize how to feel my feelings (and they didn’t kill me  )  I became a better wife, mother, & friend." Heather R.