As a mother, dancer, and all-around body whisperer, Kili Marti has built her family and career on the principle that the journey through life doesn't have to be uphill. Her teaching philosophy attunes each student to the unique melody of their own body, and empowers them to bring each note into harmony.

This understanding of the deep interconnectedness of mind and body flows through all of Kili's work. As a professional, her experiences range from fitness, personal training, mentoring, choreography and content, to a more recent focus on guiding women through child-bearing and birth.

Challenging yet attentive, Kili aspires to outfit women with simple tools that can invoke seemingly impossible change.

Classes and Events Now

Prenatal Fitness Classes 

Starts Wednesday's March 4th

9am to 10am

At: The Diva Den Studio

11959 SW Garden Place - Unit 8

Tigard OR 97223

Moving Mom's to Be

So you want to have the best pregnancy ever?


I want that for you too! 


Kili Marti is a professional Birth Doula and Certified Exercise Specialist. She has created this 1-hour class with the intention of connecting, “you” to other moving Mom’s-To-Be. To prepare and empower you for birth, while experiencing an ever-changing physical body. 


This pre-natal exercise class is designed with YOU and your growing baby in mind. As the baby grows so does your belly - your alignment shifts, you have a built-in incremental weight increase that challenges balance and structural integrity. This creates all sorts of fun things; like back pain, shoulder and neck fatigue or ligament strain. It also gives you, your very own training ground to work with that could quite possibly make you better, stronger and more aware of your personal needs that before.


Kili loves to make movement meaningful but also fun with exercises that keep your body supple and dynamic for delivery and a smoother recovery. Not to mention strong for holding baby after labor. This class will help you feel empowered and connected during this very eventful time in your life.

All stages of pregnancy welcome 


Class structure:

·      Breath

·      Alignment

·      Strength and stability

·      Release


Please contact Kili at if you have any questions and would like to join in.

Or Sign up at

Pelvic Floor & Core Workshop - 2 Day Series

Two Saturdays in March 3/21 and 3/28

10am to Noon both days

At: Birth First Doula's Space

7800 SW Barbur Blvd. #3

Portland OR 97219

Whether you've had children or not, pelvic floor muscles go through A LOT! A dynamic healthy pelvic floor is one of the essential keys to your vitality and confidence.


If your "kegels" just aren't enough and you still leak when you laugh, cough or do activity? If you suffer from pelvic weakness or pain? Sacroiliac dysfunction, Diastasis Recti or low back pain? Or if you have a simple imbalance, this 2-week class series is for you!


Pelvic floor weakness is a "whole body" problem. However, learning about your core system, simple breath patterns, proper alignment, exercises and how to keep your core muscles functioning optimally, we can start to solve the problems you may be experiencing.


This is also a great class if you just want to keep your foundation strong and healthy. 

This is a 2-Class series. Each class will last 2 hours long. On day one we will start by understanding your pelvic floor, how it is part of a bigger system and foundational exercises. On day two we will practice movement and incorporate more advanced exercises.

Please email to sign up or if you have any questions


“I’ve been working with Kili for several months now and have seen fantastic results. She has the ability to see every- body for what it is and respects how different everyone’s bodies are. She helped me to clarify my goals and we work every week on achieving them. She is persistent and tough but genuinely cares about me and my success. I truly enjoy my workouts with her and highly recommend her, if you are serious about getting fit; Kili can help make it happen for you.

Karie M

“As a teacher, choreographer and/or a coach, Kili always appears to be spontaneously creative.  What you don’t see on the surface is the amount of thought, work, dedication and conscious intent behind whatever she does.  A unique blend of attributes shared by few!”

Beth O

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