Kili's training approach was developed to embody emotional, mental and physical fitness before, during and after birth. While foundational programming is solid with a clear understanding of how a body changes with pregnancy, (physical, hormonal, neurological) Daily considerations like stress, emotions and mental energy make each session unique to each body of work. Not only does Kili's fitness programs help improve a body's ability to efficiently function, her sessions also improve feelings of confidence, strength and surrender during pre-pregnancy,  pregnancy and early postpartum.
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(includes pre-pregnancy and conception)

Kili will develop a program that is unique to you and your goals for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Prenatal conditioning will focus on breath, pelvic floor strength and release, diastasis prevention, stress release, strength and stability, alignment and cardiovascular training. All to support your body through pregnancy and birth. 

Postpartum conditioning will begin as soon as you are ready. We start by coming back to your core. Creating a new relationship to your body with gentle, functional movements that provide length, mobility and stability while you heal within your new world of energy, sleep and care. We will slowly add strength, cardio components and low impact within reason to your individual needs. The goal is to provide a safe transition back into exercise and experience a FULL postpartum recovery. 

Packages vary depending of clients specific needs and start dates.

We start with a Meet and Greet with Physical Assessment and  Goal Setting (1 meeting) 

From here we will create a program, approximately 1 hour sessions 2x/ week. These can be held in your home or Kili's studio.

Session packages available

Special fitness package with Birth Doula also available

“Kili is a master of anatomy, but more importantly she knows how to convey what to do and when to do it while you’re distracted by birthing pangs.  She has an emotional and physical awareness of what is needed to support both parents through what can sometimes be a long process."
 Jeff G.
“After struggling with my body after the birth of my second child, Kili reminded me of all it did and gave me. Which I desperately needed to hear during my postpartum recovery." Willow G